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M450 AdBlue® additive used continuously in the AdBlue liquid in a measure of 1% (100 ml of product every 10 liters of AdBlue), prevents the formation of encrustations on the injector placed in the exhaust system, favoring its functionality and duration .

AdBlue is a 32.5% aqueous solution of urea which can cause salt deposits.

The high purity and odorless additive M450 is essential for the latest generation engines as it avoids the formation of such deposits and encrustations on the injector, improving the jet (for optimal vaporization), and thus avoiding breakage.

The additive M450 is not flammable.

M450 is sold in packs of 24 pieces.


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M450- Scheda Tecnica

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M451 SDS

M451 Scheda di Sicurezza

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