M350 - Lubrificante valvole GPL / metano
  • M350 - Lubrificante valvole GPL / metano


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M350 avoids premature wear of the valve seats, piston and cylinder of LPG and CNG engines.

It is essential for these engines powered by fuels without any lubricating capacity and which, among other things, generate combustion temperatures higher than those of petrol.


The product is universal, and is to be poured into the special tray, located in the engine compartment, of vehicles powered by CNG or LPG, to bring the liquid back to level. This tank is already available as an original system in some Japanese or PSA group engines, while it may have been installed at a later time (aftermarket), in all those car models that required greater lubrication, to avoid premature breakage. of the valves.

It is therefore a lubricating liquid that is injected with a special dispenser or system / electronic nebulizer, which allows it to be correctly dispensed into the air intake duct of the engine, in order to make the valves lubricated.

M350 is sold in boxes of 12 pieces of 500 ml each.


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