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INSTRUCTIONS: 1.Apply to clean, degreased and dry surfaces. 2. Assemble the parts within 5 minutes by pressing firmly. 3. Allow curing to complete for a few hours before subjecting parts to heavy duty or high temperatures.

Benefits: It allows you to directly form instant gaskets in a simple and practical way using the pressurized and therefore self-extruding cartridge. Withstands heat, pressure and lubricating oil. Withstands bending, torsion movements of the sealing flange.

• The silicones used as gaskets serve to form a hermetic seal between the mating parts, preventing leakage of liquids or gases. The "instant" type gaskets formed directly on site (formed in place, FIP) are made with silicone spread on one of the two parts of the joint. When assembled, the product fills small cavities, gaps and surface imperfections, subsequently forming a lasting seal over time.

• The two types of products most used are RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicones, which vulcanize at room temperature, and the anaerobic compounds, which polymerize in the absence of oxygen, when the pressure of the two parts of the joint removes the air . RTVs are suitable for joints with large gaps and stamped metal parts where flange deflection is greater, and anaerobics are more suitable for joints with small gaps and rigid metal-to-metal casting assemblies.

• The RTV silicone paste must be spread like a curb along the perimeter of the surface of one of the two flanges to be joined. Both parts must be clean. Assembly must be done within 5 minutes. Then, by exerting pressure, the dough is distributed so that it completely fills the joint until it overflows outside. The adhesive bond thus developed must be allowed to rest while the material is cured. The curing completion time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. It is recommended not to immediately subject the joint to strong stresses. A few hours' rest is essential before the joint is subjected to stress.

• High quality product, G952 is a one component adhesive / sealant made of 100% pure RTV silicone without fillers. It remains flexible after vulcanization is complete.

• Acts on various materials: metals, plastics, fiberglass, rubber, etc.

• Withstands high temperatures, with peaks max. momentary of 300 ° C.

G952 is delivered in packs of 6 self-extruding cartridges, of 200 ml each.


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G952 - scheda di sicurezza

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