Pulitore iniettori diesel
  • Pulitore iniettori diesel


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USE: Add to the diesel fuel in the tank when the vehicle is stopped and off.

INSTRUCTIONS: Pour the entire contents of the bottle directly into the fuel tank to treat up to 60L of diesel. Then fill the tank. Periodically repeat the treatment every 4,000 km to obtain maximum performance.

BENEFITS: Cleans the diesel injectors by eliminating combustion deposits and helping to maintain engine efficiency over time. Reduces HC and CO emissions. Reduces exhaust smoke. It saves fuel. Restores engine power. It expels the water from the tank. It has lubricating characteristics that improve engine operation in the case of low sulfur content diesel.

1. G260 is a periodic maintenance product for diesel engine vehicles. Its regular use makes it possible to maintain engine performance unchanged over time.

2. One of the most sensitive and expensive components of a diesel engine is the injection system. System cleanliness is important due to the tight tolerances of the injectors and injection pump. Unfortunately, all diesel fuels on the market tend to form encrustations, rubbers and carbon deposits on the injectors and on the fuel inlet orifices. These deposits decrease performance, increase consumption and cause smoke.

3. G260 is a cleaner additive for diesel injectors, which removes deposits, tires, carbon encrustations, dirt from the injectors and the fuel system, favoring the proper functioning of the engine.

4. It does not contain alcohol.

G260 is also delivered in packs of 12 bottles of 250ml each.


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G260 - scheda tecnica

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G260-261 SDS

G260-261 SDS

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